A Water Softener System Will Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home in Kansas City, KS, or Kansas City, MO

Water Softener SystemA RainSoft water softener system from American Home Services LLC will noticeably improve the quality of the water in your home in Kansas City, KS, or Kansas City, MO. At American Home Services, we take great pride in offering our customers high-quality water treatment products, as well as HVAC and water heater products, all backed by outstanding customer service. With skilled professionals and state-of-the art equipment, we stand ready to respond to your household needs. We’re passionate about what we do and persistent in our endeavors to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “hard water” before, but you aren’t really sure what it means, or why you would need a water softener system. Basically, water is described as “hard” if it has an excessively high level of mineral content (most often calcium and magnesium). Moderately hard water is found in many rivers in the Kansas City region and throughout the rest of the country. In fact, more than 85 percent of American homes have hard water. The good news is that hard water won’t hurt you. But, it can make general household water use unpleasant and cleaning chores a veritable nightmare.

You can likely appreciate the benefits of a water softener system if you’ve noticed:

  • Caked-on limescale deposits that make your coffee maker and other water-using appliances work harder and shorten their useful lives (even though you might not see it in your water heater, trust us, it’s there)
  • A cloudy film on your bathroom tile, sinks, tub, faucets, and glass shower doors
  • Spotty glassware, dishes, cutlery, and cooking pots
  • Dull-looking laundry that feels rough to the touch
  • Bad hair days on a consistent basis – even when the weather is good

The calcium and magnesium in hard water also hinder the cleaning capabilities of detergents and soaps, so you have to use more when cleaning. With a RainSoft water softener system, you can enjoy a rich, bubbly lather that cleans effectively with much less product, saving you both time and money over the long run. You’ll also be pleased to know that each RainSoft water softener system is assembled in the U.S.A. and protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. And, should you one day decide to move, you can take your system with you and have it installed by an authorized RainSoft dealer at your new home.

If you’re ready to begin enjoying the benefits of a RainSoft water softener system, please contact American Home Services LLC, a premier home services company and authorized RainSoft dealer serving the entire Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO, metropolitan area.