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Water Filtration System Installation Overland Park

A water filtration system will remove bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals from the water they drink and cook with. Most people don’t think of having the water they drink and use tested regularly. The safest and simplest way to eliminate the worry is to have a home water filtration system installed, in your Overland Park Home.


Chlorine-treated water contains many harmful bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants. Clean water is crucial to maintain a healthy life. Over 70 % of the human body is made up of water; everyone should consume enough water each day for the body to function properly. Drinking clean, pure water is vital to health for drinking, showering, and cooking. Bottled water and unfiltered normal tap water that comes from the water treatment plant of your city straight into your home still has contaminants such as lead and other impurities in it. Water treatment facilities usually add chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

There are many benefits of having a water filtration system installed in your home. Instead of buying bottled water you can fill your own safe water bottles with the filtered water. Filtered water is better for skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, especially in children. Unclean water also can make allergies worse. And the list goes on:

  • Save on repair bills for plumbing and appliances that have been damaged by heavy metal exposure, mineral build up and other chemical damage.
  • Use less soap – by softening the water you will use less soap for bathing, washing dishes and laundry. The minerals in hard water prevent the ionic action of soap, minimizing its ability to clean.
  • Remove soap scum buildup on clothes. The chemicals in unclean tap water over time will cause clothes to look dingy and smell bad.
  • Parasites that can cause intestinal and digestive problems are removed by filtration reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Water filters improve the taste of drinking water by removing the elements, such as lead, chlorine and bacteria. that give it an unpleasant taste and smell.

Three of the most effective water treatment systems for the home are:

An activated carbon filter system is the least expensive; it is usually installed under the kitchen sink. The filter cartridges can be replaced as often as necessary. The activated carbon filters are effective in removing parasites, chemicals and heavy metals that may be present in your home drinking water.

A ion exchange system, also called a cation water softener, uses positively-charged ions to attract negatively-charged ions such as barium, magnesium and calcium, which are harmful metals and can cause damage to our internal organs. It also gives water a bad taste, and plumbing pipes can be damaged after prolonged exposure to magnesium and calcium.

A reverse osmosis system is considered by many to be the most effective home water filtration system. This system uses air pressure to force the water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane, filtering out most of the contaminants. The process can be set to either 5, 6 or 7 stages. Some brands of reverse osmosis systems can process water in 6 or 7 stages, and are able to produce between 50 – 90 gallons of alkaline water per day.

There should be no reason for drinking unsafe, unhealthy water in Overland Park. American Home Services offers the best drinking water and the largest variety of water treatment products and services available for your home or business including water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, equipment installation, and repair service. We proudly feature RainSoft products that provide bottle-quality, crystal clear water for drinking and cooking. These systems are built to last and we have the best trained and experienced service technicians in the industry.

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