Kansas City AC Tune-Up Special! $89

Is summer on the way? Then, it is time for you to schedule an AC tune-up service appointment before the outdoor temperatures become unbearable. Your air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance in order to keep it in active operation.

Our certified and factory-trained technicians at American Home Services LLC can perform a full AC tune-up service on all types, size, and models of air conditioners. Our commitment to a quality service put us ahead of our competitors. Our AC tune-up services cover Overland Park, Lenexa, and Kansas City area.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Unit Tune-Ups

The following are some of the benefits or regular AC tune-ups:

  • Increased AC lifespan: Generally, the lifespan of most ACs is around 15 years. When you regularly maintain your unit, your AC would last for this entire period
  • Reduced Electricity Bills: AC tune-up service will allow your AC to operate efficiently; hence your monthly electricity bill would reduce.
  • Increased performance: When all the parts of an AC are working optimally, the performance and efficiency is guaranteed
  • Improved safety: AC tune-up service also guarantees improved safety of your AC. Your unit would less likely undergo a short circuit or any other electrical problems.

At American Home Services LLC, our AC tune-up service is detailed and thorough and can help your unit to use less energy, as well as prevent frequent breakdowns. During our AC tune-up services, you can expect our technicians to undertake the following services:

  • Your AC coolant level would be thoroughly inspected, pressure checked, and recommendations made for refilling unit with coolant
  • Our technicians will calibrate your thermostat. Temperature, and cycle time would also be checked
  • Capacitors, wiring, contacts, and relays would be checked and tightened
  • Recommendations would be made to clean the evaporator coil if needed
  • Debris would be removed from the condensate drain
  • The condenser would be inspected and cleaned
  • The condenser fan motor and blades would be lubricated against friction if needed
  • The compressor amp reading would be checked
  • Safety and efficiency checks would be conducted

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