AC Repair Overland Park

Summer is here and that means rising temperatures, which can lead to AC Repair Overland Park. Stress to your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system from running longer hours can lead to break-downs, and your HVAC unit will need repair. No one wants to face a hot summer day without cool air – so proper AC Repair Overland Park maintenance and upkeep is vital! Lucky for you, American Home Services can inspect your system on a regular basis and prevent you from dealing with big repair costs in the future.
AC Repair Overland Park American Home ServicesBecause  your HVAC unit works hard during the summer, regular HVAC maintenance will go a long way towards keeping you cool and ensuring that you avoid AC Repair Overland Park. American Home Services offers a few pointers to keeping your system in tip-top condition:

  • First and foremost, change the air filter once a month during the Summer. Once filters start to accumulate dirt and other particles, your AC system has to work to drive cool air into your living spaces. The extra stress on your unit could cause it to falter, leading to AC Repair Overland Park. If you have a reusable filter, wash it out once a month.
  • If the temperature outdoors hits 95 degrees, raise the thermostat to 75 degrees and keep it there until it starts to cool off outdoors. This is especially important for AC systems at least 10 years old.
  • Consider installing a whole-house attic fan. That way, you can turn your AC system off once it’s cooler outdoors than indoors, sleep comfortably all night long, and take a ton of pressure off your AC system.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows of your house are sealed properly so that air doesn’t escape. It is important that you clean the vents and ducts to allow for more constant and even air flow. You’ll be getting cool air as well as saving energy and cutting down on AC Repair Overland Park.
  • Electrical connections will also be checked for frayed, worn wires, making the unit unsafe to use and leading to AC Repair Overland Park. The technician will also inspect the controls of the system to ensure that the system shuts off, powers on, and operates properly.
  • It is important to keep all moving parts lubricated to cut down on friction, which can cause the HVAC unit to wear down faster. The technician will lubricate as necessary to keep everything moving smoothly.
  • As long as regular checkups are made, filters are cleaned every month, and an annual inspection is performed, your unit should have no problem keeping up with the summer heat, and avoid costly AC Repair Overland Park.

A professional should perform HVAC maintenance at the beginning of summer, inspecting the inside of the unit to check for any potential problems that might exist. The technician will clean the drain, as clogged drains can put additional strain and wear on your HVAC unit. The fan blades and evaporator coil ensure the unit will more easily move clean air, so getting rid of any dust or debris is essential in order to avoid costly AC Repair Overland Park.
If it has been a year or more since your AC system was last professionally serviced, contact American Home Services today. It will allow us to improve your system’s operating efficiency while helping to avoid AC Repair Overland Park.

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